'Mr. Legend' currently owns and plays
36! wonderful guitars
which he started acquiring in 1964.
Yes, they all go to eleven! (Um, except the acoustics)

Click on a headstock  below to see the whole guitar, or
click here to see them all!


 Gibson ES-330 TD--1964

 -(my first baby!)
 -Electric Spanish Thinline Double pickup, 100% hollow body
 -P90 pickups!
 -tobacco sunburst finish



Goya G10 classical--circa 1969  

 acoustic, natural spruce finish top  
dark sides and back  



 El Degas GB25--circa 1975

 -acoustic, Gibson dove copy, dreadnought style
 -natural clear spruce top
 -cherry red mahogany sides & back



Westone Thunder I-A--1981  

solid body electric with active circuit volume boost,  
alder, maple and walnut construction;
maple neck, brass nut; rosewood fretboard  
original 'barrel saddle' bridge replaced with a stable one 


 Ovation 1983 Collector's Series--1983

 -acoustic-electric, shallow bowl
 -black-grey 'sunburst', ebony fretboard
 -mother of pearl accents



 Westone Spectrum 'ST'--1985  

 solid body electric, maple body & neck  
 graphite nut; high gloss black finish  
tremolo bridge
original humbuckers replaced with genuine MMK45's  




 Westone Spectrum 'S'--1985

 -solid body electric, maple body & neck
 -rosewood frretboard; graphite nut
 -hard tail bridge, no trem; coil cut
 -high gloss white finish
 -original pickups replaced with GFS Crunchy Pats



 Ovation Elite 1868--1990  

 natural finish top, 5-piece neck  
 rare-wood epaulets over sound holes  


 Danelectro U2 '56 reissue--circa 1998  

 -Korean reissue- electric, masonite (!) body, lipstick pickups  
 -single cutaway, 'cool copper' finish with white edge binding
 - too kewl for the peoples!

 -original sagging bridge (shown here) has been replaced with
  Wilkinson 1/2 Tele style with compensated saddles



Parker PM-20 'Hornet'--2005  

solid mahogany body, mahogany set neck,
ebony fretboard, stainless steel frets  
transparent red polyethylene finish, Bubinga cap
coil cut; original Stingers replaced with GFS FatPats  




 Vintage TC200BD--2007

 -Telecaster copy
 -poplar body, maple neck
 -Wilkinson electronics
 -blonde finish, rosewood fretboard




 Epiphone Les Paul Studio--2007  

 solid mahogany body & mahogany set neck,  
'worn cherry red' finish  
original pickups replaced with Warman HB P90's!  



 Vantage AV-325 Avenger--1981

 -solid body ash; maple neck & fretboard
 -spectacular red transparent finish; coil cut;
 -brass nut; original brass barrel-saddle bridge replaced
  with a stable one




 Vantage VS-600 "Witch"--1980  

solid mahogany body wings with laminated  
maple & walnut striped centre
mahogany neck rosewood fretboard with brass nut; coil tap  



 Vantage Avenger X-77T--1983

 -solid ash body; maple neck, rosewood fretboard,
 -single humbucker pick up and brass tremolo bridge
 -coil cut



 Vantage VW150--circa 1980  

acoustic dreadnought style  
Spruce top, 
mahogany sides and back  




 Westone Spectrum GT--1984

 -solid maple body electric, red burst metallic finish
 -one piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard
 -3 position pickup toggle switch
 -2 humbuckers, 1 single coil, all with push-pull switching for
   centre coil on/off, coil splitting and phase reversal
 -tremolo bridge




 Westone Concord II--1981  

solid alder body, one piece maple neck  
rosewood fretboard, brass nut and bridge  
black glossy finish  
original single coil pickups replaced with Warman Texas Triple Hots
5 position "Strat" style controls  




Westone Spectrum DX

 Westone Spectrum DX--1985

 -solid maple body, one piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard
 -2 pickups with coil splitting
 -tremolo bridge
 -original pickups replaced with Wilkinson WHHB's






 Vantage Avenger AV-310--1981  

solid body electric,
restored & refinished in transparent blue tung oil  
alder body, one piece maple neck, maple fretboard  
original brass barrel saddle bridge replaced with a more stable one  single humbucker pickup with coil tapping  



Vantage Entertainar VE-550

 Vantage Entertainar (sic)--1982

 -solid ash body electric, flame maple cap hollow arch
 -one piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard
 -2 pickups with coil splitting






Vintage VEC380--2007  

slim body acoustic-electric  
 cedar top, laminated flame maple sides and back, ebony fretboard  
onboard Shadow5 preamp with Nanoflex pickup  




Vintage V100 MRPGM "Lemon Drop"

 Vintage V100 MRPGM "Lemon Drop"--2008

 -reliced 'Les Paul' modeled after Peter Greene's famous guitar
 -solid mahogany body with flame maple cap,
 -mahogany set neck, rosewood fretboard
 -humbucker pickups have out-of-phase mid setting



  Aria Pro II TA-60


Aria Pro II TA-60--1996   

ES335 style, thin line body electric  
laminate construction, deep red wine finish  
mahogany neck; original humbuckers replaced with GFS Mean 90's



Aria Pro II -Urchin U60T

 Aria Pro II Urchin U60T--1982

 -eye catching body shape on this rare "shredder" guitar
 -solid alder body, 3 piece maple neck, rosewood fret board
 -completely refinished and restored in butter cream and chrome




Squier Telecaster Custom II--2011    

Les Paul layout!   
Duncan Designed P90-2
solid Agathis body, blonde polyurethane finish   




Vantage VA30N-12 ACS

 Vantage VA 30N-12 ACS--circa 1982

 -beautiful 12 string acoustic
 -flamed mahogany sides and back; flamed Spruce top
 -Antique Cherry Sunburst finish
 -original plastic nut and saddle replaced with solid bone



Westone Spectrum SX-1986


Westone Spectrum SX-1986     

-solid maple body, transparent blue finish  
 -one piece maple neck, w/blue finish maple fretboard  
 -2 single coil & 1 humbucker, pickups with coil splitting  
 -tremolo bridge  




WestoneThunder I-A 1983


 Westone Thunder I-A--1983

 -solid body electric with active circuit volume boost, single coil
  cut and phase reversal
 -maple body; 3 piece maple neck, brass nut,  rosewood fretboard



Westone X-125


Westone X125--1986     

-solid maple body, black finish  
 -one piece natural maple neck, rosewood fretboard  
 -1 humbucker with coil splitting
1 volume control, no tone  
 -tremolo bridge  



Vantage Avenger -1983


 Vantage Avenger AV 325--1983

 -solid body electric with single coil cut
 -maple body; 3 piece maple neck and fretboard, brass nut,
 -string-thru bridge, transparent blue finish



Vantage VP710


Vantage VP710--1981   

-Maple & Walnut centre with Ash body  
-"Harvest" finish  
 -3-piece set maple neck, rosewood fretboard  
-2 humbuckers with coil splitting  
2 volume controls, 2 tone controls  



Danelectro DC59 -circa 1998

  Danelectro DC59--circa 1998

 -Korean reissue- electric, masonite (!) body, lipstick pickups  
 -double cutaway, 'Retro Purple' colour with white edge binding  
 -just like the '56 U2 above, also too kewl for the peoples!
 -original bridge still holding up but it's also starting to sag



  Westone Genesis II XA1630

Westone Genesis II  XA1630 --1987     

-limited edition, 65th anniversary of St Louis Music   
-solid poplar body, one piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard  
-Burgundy Pearl finish   
 -1 humbucker, 2 single coils, 5-way switch  
-1 volume, 1 master tone, 1 mid/shape control   
-Bendmaster Deluxe bridge   



Vintage VRS100 -circa 2010

  Vintage VRS100--circa 2010

  -likely made in Vietnam
  -green finish double cutaway, poplar body, flame maple cap,
   set maple neck with rosewood fretboard
  -all Wilkinson hardware & electronics
  -2 humbuckers, 3 way switch, 6-screw tremolo bridge
    w/ stainless steel saddles




Westone Spectrum LX

Westone Spectrum LX--1985     

 -solid maple body electric, Candy Blue finish  
 -one piece maple neck, rosewood fretboard  
 -3 position pickup toggle switch  
 -2 humbuckers, 1 single coil, all with push-pull switching for  
   centre coil on/off, coil splitting and phase reversal  
- original bridge humbucker was missing;  
replaced with GFS Crunchy Pat  
-tremolo bridge  




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